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Crossroads K9s for Cops - White Transpar


Police departments interested in applying for the 2022 Crossroads K-9s for Cops program must complete the form below for consideration.   ​Applications will be accepted through 31-Oct-21. The recipient will be announced in January of 2022.

The Crossroads K-9s for Cops selection committee does not discriminate by department size, current K-9 program status,  or amount of funds your city or department has. Our rule of thumb is one K-9 can serve approximately 8,000 citizens. Our decision is based on which department we feel has the greatest need for the K-9 at that time. 


What we promise: A multi-purpose K-9 trained in Apprehension, Scent Detection,  Tracking, and Obedience.

All of the K-9 gear to include collars, leashes, harness, and vest (vest and Hot and Pop provided by Wisconsin Vest a Dag)

Handler training (5 weeks on line and 2 weeks on site) and cost of trip to training facility (excludes handlers pay)

Handler / K-9 Team Certification

Training for your department on hosting fundraisers to sustain your K-9 program in future years

What we also do:

Throughout the year we will hold fundraising events to help offset as much of the cost associated with the K-9 program as we can. All funds raised towards your department will be used to purchase the needed items for your team.

Questions during this process?  Please contact the Crossroads K-9s for Cops Program Director


Director of Training

Crossroads K-9s for Cops Program Director


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